Juan’re Clothing combines craftsmanship, expertise and a deep rooted knowledge of the South African fashion industry to create authentic clothing which is both fashionable and functional.

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit and exuberant creativity, we manufacture men’s, ladies, boys, girls and infants clothing for national retail customers. Our status as a preferred supplier to the Woolworths Group is testament to our dependability, dynamic manufacturing capabilities and our unwavering commitment to quality.

We consistently strive to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation in order to push the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities, offer an improved service to our customers, continue to interpret trends and styles and grow the clothing manufacturing industry as a whole.



Inspired by quality and driven by creativity, Juan’re Clothing Manufacturers opened in Port Shepstone on the 17th of January 2000. A family-run business and the brainchild of clothing enthusiasts Bernard and Zershi Gonzalves, the company has grown considerably since its inception and today we are a driving force in the South African clothing and fashion industry.

Authenticity and craftsmanship are iconic trademarks of our business. It is this attitude which has consistently facilitated the evolution of Juan’re Clothing and has proved to be paramount to our success in a fiercely competitive industry.

Focused on manufacturing clothing which is aware of current trends and which resonates with leading suppliers, such as Woolworths, our mission has been very clear from the outset – to commit wholeheartedly to manufacturing quality garments which truly represent our sincere passion for the clothing industry.


Over the years Juan’re Clothing has developed a reputation for superior craftsmanship and unequaled expertise in garment manufacturing, and our unyielding commitment to quality has ultimately propelled us towards the zenith of the South African clothing manufacturing industry. Since our inception our attitude towards manufacturing has remained steadfast. We combine experimentation with functionality in the simplest possible way to increase efficiency and create new product developments. We have implemented a number of systems in recent years, including a system of interchangeable essentials by Productivity South Africa, Turnaround Solutions and the Workplace Challenge Programme to continue to increase our quality standards and to ensure that we maintain the level of craftsmanship for which we pride ourselves on.

Our strengths rest in our flexibility and our ability to react to supply on demand. This is made possible by our multi-talented, highly skilled and versatile workforce who elevates our stringent levels of craftsmanship and quality standards on a daily basis.



We’re always looking for talented individuals with drive and passion to help make our business the best it can be. If you share our interest for creating quality clothing and you think that you have what it takes to succeed, then please fill in the contact form and attach your CV.

If you’re what we’re looking for we’ll contact you!


T: 039 682 7639 | A: 18 Industrial Road, Port Shepstone, 4240 | E: info@juanre.co.za